Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Winner Wednesdays

It's going to be a while before we can announce the first set of Pepsi Films winners in February 2011, and a little bit longer before we can crown the first overall winner who will go on to work with Pepsi Spain and a guaranteed $20,000 product budget. So while we wait, and you work on your entries, we're going to look at the winners of previous Pepsi and MOFILM competitions.

For the Barcelona MOFILM competition in 2010, we set five different themes - one dollar, one euro, one pound, here's to the crazy ones, if youth ran the world, paint your world and Tomorrow. The creators of the first place film in each category won a cash prize and were flown to Barcelona to find out who would win the overall prize.

The winner of the If Youth Ran the World category was filmmaker Matt Snyman and his musical partner Tom Godfrey, better known as Busker Rhymes on Twitter, with this upbeat, fantastical piece - No Vegetables

Following their win, they were invited to make an ad for Pepsi Spain and created a whole web series about their adventures in Spain trying to find the star of their commercial, which you can start watching below or on the Pepsi Espana YouTube channel

If fancy having crazy adventures in Spain, just like Matt and Tom, go download the Pepsi Film brief for Barcelona and you might feature in a Winner Wednesday post in 2011 as well as become a YouTube Star

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pepsi Film More Winner Interviews

The Make an Contest in Rome was a little unusual. The Pepsi Italy team picked their top three ads, Mist, Cantastic and Nice Bubbles and invited them all to Rome, where the overall winners, Matt Wade and Martin Drake with Nice Bubbles, was announced lived on stage.

We took the opportunity to interview everyone while they were in town about their inspiration and you can see both sets of filmmakers below.

There was one extra surprise for Lawrence Chen and his team. As part of the announcement of Pepsi Films, Thomas Moradpour, global marketing director for Pepsi, declared he would invite the winners of the Rome MOFILM grand prize to join the first Pepsi Films jury in Barcelona to decide which of the three first place filmmakers would then go on to work with Pepsi Spain with a $20,000 production budget.

Lawrence's public service announcement piece, Little Things, for TEEB, The Economis of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, took the grand prize and so will be travelling to Spain next year.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pepsi Winners - Martin Drake and Matt Wade

While we were out in Rome, we took the opportunity to catch up with the three finalists for the Pepsi Italia make and ad competition.

The brief for the competition was to create an ad that would launch Pepsi's Refresh Your World Project into Italy and Matt and Martin talk through how the idea for their winning ad came to together and what their future ambitions are.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pepsi at the International Rome Film Festival

Pepsi ran a make an ad contest at the recent International Rome Film Festival, we wanted a 30 second ad that we could show on Italian television that will launch Pepsi's Refresh your World campaign to that country.

Three fantastic entries were shortlisted, Mist by Lawrence Chen, Hagan Wong and Brett Aresco, Nice Bubbles by Brit's Matt Wade and Martin Drake and Cantastic by David Brashear, Nate Milton and Ryan Pamplin. Each ad was played before the Italian Pepsi team revealed that the winner was....

...Nice Bubbles!

The Pepsi team explained that they loved all entries and that it had been hard to make a final decision but Matt and Martin's piece really hit the brief on showing how the world can be refreshed in a very dynamic and colourful way.

What do you think? Which is your favourite and how would you refresh the world?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

And the winner is..

We've just wrapped Rome, where Thomas Moradpour launched Pepsi Films and the winners of the Pepsi and 7up Make an ad competitions were announced.

7up winner was Piñata by husband and wife team, Olivier and Tracie Agostini. 7up Ireland's Elizabete Sheehan explained to the audience that they had picked it because not only was it on brief but it was very funny. We agree but what do you think?

Details of the overall Pepsi competition next!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pepsi Films Barcelona Short Film Contest

Our first challenge is here!

We're going to be in Barcelona in February 2011 and you could be there too.

We’ve picked three themes to inspire you and we want your best, most creative, innovative and refreshing 60 second shorts by January 15 2011. In return you’ll get some amazing prizes and not just cash, though there is a prize fund of $13,000 for each theme.

The first place winner from each theme will also be invited to come spend four days with Pepsi in Barcelona and there, at the Pepsi Films/MOFILM awards, the Barcelona Grand Winner will be announced.

The grand winner then gets the opportunity to work with our Pepsi marketing team in Spain, getting mentoring from them and our advertising agency, BBDO. They’ll also be a production of budget of $20,000 available.

Some Rules
To enter, you need to be over 16 and make sure you include the Pepsi Films intro and outro bumpers within your 60 seconds. That's it.

The Themes
Life in your twenties is not meant to be slow, quiet or calm. Give us an insider peak... Show us what you got with a wake up call!

Gotta love those sounds? It only means one thing...or does it?

You can use our “sounds of refreshment” library for this challenge...or create your own. You will find them in the ‘assets’ on the competition page.

You have the power...tell us what happens when you change that one critical thing?

A few pointers
Remember it's about short films, not commercials. It's about your talent, not our brand. So feel free to put our products in your work, or not. No special favours either way. It's a global competition, so if you don't shoot in English please give us English subtitles Don't use any copyrighted materials, we'll provide music for in the assets folder, and please don't use any other brands' logos and images either. It also needs to be family friendly, so no swearing or nudity.

We've tried to be as unrestrictive as possible, you can find more information and download the brief and assets from the Pepsi Films Barcelona competition page.

You can also ask questions directly to the Pepsi Films team on Twitter and facebook