Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pepsi Films TriBeCa Contest - What happens now?

The second Pepsi Film contest of 2011 is now closed, and a huge thank you to everyone who entered. We had more submissions than for Barcelona and the quality remains superb, we've got a lot of videos to watch this week and we can't wait! We know you're all keen to know what happens next so we thought we'd shed a little bit more light on the process so you know what to expect.

Once the deadline has passed, our platform partner, MOFILM, reviews all the films to make sure that the music used is rights-free and that the entries have abided by the terms and conditions set by the contest - so family friendly content that doesn't show any other brands. The team there also gives each entry a mark out of ten, this is based on the quality of the content and how well it is produced, the top ranking films, usually those marked 8 and above are then placed on the longlist and the MOFILM team sends those entries a CCA form which needs to be filled in and sent back.

While all that is going on, the Pepsi Film team and the Pepsi team in the host country, so in this case North America, are reviewing films as well. For the first cut they are looking for the top ten films in each of the categories which will form the shortlist. This short list should be published next week and will appear on a dedicated facebook tab on the Pepsi Films facebook page and here on the Pepsi Films blog.

A week later we'll announce the top three films in each category - again on the blog and facebook. The three first place winners will also fly to TriBeCa to take part in the Pepsi Films award ceremony which is taking place at Scandinavia House on Tuesday 26th April. There they will meet other filmmakers, including the amazing  LawHag, the Pepsi team and Jon Landau, the oscar winning producer of Titanic and Avatar.  On the Wednesday night the winners will attend the premier of Will Ferrell's latest movie, 'everything must go'

Everything Must Go by ThePlaylist

As if that wasn't enough, during the Tuesday night award ceremony, one of the three films will be picked as the overall winner and will take the coveted Pepsi Films trophy. They then get to work with Pepsi North America on a specially commission project.

If you're now kicking yourself because you didn't enter for Pepsi Films TriBeCa, don't worry - Pepsi Films Shanghai is open and you have until the 23rd May to get your films in. Pepsi Films Poland is also due to open shortly too!

There's a lot going! Keep following for updates and the latest news on contest & winners.

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  1. As if I wasn't already excited about this competition when I was making my film! This whole competition has been such a rush! Granted I'm not really expecting to win anything, I just entered to be a part of a global competitions, the prizes still sound amazing! I look forward to seeing the winning entries so much. This whole competition has been extremely fun. I'm really eager for next week so I can see some of the videos in the top ten and make my own predictions from there. Pepsifilms and Mofilm really are doing something pretty amazing here and I really appreciate being apart of this competition. It was a blast!