Monday, January 10, 2011

The 2 People Who Will Help You Win Pepsi Films.

Hello everybody,

Lawrence Chen and Hagan Wong here!  Let us introduce ourselves, we’re fellow filmmakers and past PepsiFilms and MOFILM winners.  We’ve been asked by Pepsi to be a voice and to bring candid perspective and personal opinions as young filmmakers.  We’ll share our rants and raves about what’s happening in the PepsiFilms competitions and trends in the filmmaking industry.  We’ll also give you tips on creating that winning film entry for the upcoming competitions.  Think of us as an insider resource as you embark on your quest for the coveted PepsiFilms prize!

Here’s a bit of background about us.  We grew up together in Beijing, China and came to America for university.  Though we never studied film in school (believe it or not we both were Economics majors) we always had a passion for writing, shooting, and editing, and moved to New York City in 2010 to pursue that passion.  In fact it was this time last year when we saw the PepsiFilms Barcelona competition and decided to submit an entry.  That was the spark that started it all for us!

Though we didn't win a top prize for our earlier submissions, we did take a runner-up prize, which gave us the confidence to enter more MOFILM/PepsiFilms competitions.  Through our persistence and passion we were lucky enough to win 13 prizes out of 14 entries over the course of the year and finally a Grand Prize in Rome. Check it out here:

However, it was going to the film festivals and meeting fellow filmmakers that made the whole experience worthwhile.  We’ve learned so much from the community and now it’s time to give back.

We met the Pepsi team in Rome where they asked us if we would consider being the voice of the filmmaker and we said yes!  Our role is to be here for you:
  • We’ll be posting thoughts, tips and tricks here and on Facebook on low-budget/DIY filmmaking
  • We’ll make sure the Pepsi team hears your opinions
  • We’ll hold weekly Twitter discussions on writing, shooting, and editing
  • We’ll be posting some of our own videos we produced for Pepsi on YouTube
  • We’ll give you our perspective on how to go about creating that winning entry
  • We’ll also appear at upcoming PepsiFilms events as a peer filmmaker judge so you know that somebody out there understands what you’ve been through

We really hope to be seeing you at PepsiFilms Barcelona but if not then we will definitely see you at the numerous PepsiFilm competitions in the future.  Check out for upcoming events and feel free to contact us anytime with thoughts, comments, or questions!

Lawrence and Hagan

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