Friday, January 7, 2011

Pepsi Films Barcelona Q&A

Before Christmas we caught up with Thomas Moradpour, global marketing director for Pepsi and put your questions to him about the first Peps Films competition. 
Q: With regard to the Hit Delete theme can we assume that the power  to change that one critical thing is a fictional power or does it need to  be a logical or a practical power?
A: Hit Delete does not need to follow the rules of physics or logic.Your idea can come from pure imagination!
Q: My film has no dialogue; however, it does have a voice over. According to the brief it should be in English; but
would it help to let you guys know that we also have versions in different languages (in case you would want to use it in different countries); or that we could translate it to any other language you needed?
A: Perfect.
If the film has voice-over, it can easily be localized. This is a “plus”. Note though that this would not be “the” deciding factor.
Q: How closely do the Pepsi themes have to be in correspondence with my video? The videos that represent the themes closely, and hit them dead on – will they be favored more?
A: Yes. However, we have picked broad themes, and let you interpret  them in the way you want. We welcome unexpected ideas!
Q: Can I shoot with my iPhone 3GS? Would the quality be acceptable?
A: Talent is in the filmmaker, not in the tool.
However, a film shot with a phone is likely to be of lower resolution than  required to be shown on a big screen. Consider using different equipment  if possible.
Q: I have a good idea for the POP-FIZZ-AHHH!!! category,but it’s  a commercial (i.e. the Pepsi trademark is featured).
I just wanted  to know if presenting my idea in the shape of a commercial is ok  or if points will be deducted for it.
A: No problem. No points added or deducted for shooting a Pepsi ad, as long  as it’s great!!
Q: Do you guys have any special forms for the actors to sign as  contracts/release forms? Or should they just sign the release forms  we usually use (here in Mexico)?
A: We don’t provide any forms unless you are shortlisted, the usual release  ones you use are fine.
Q: We are composing original music, should the author of such  music also sign a release form? Any special format you might have?
A: If you are short listed, we will require proof that you have the rights to the  music but we don’t provide any forms until that point.
Q: Is there a maximum dimension (MB) that my video has to have? And if the video is too large to upload it through your website, is there another way to send it to you?
A: Max file size is 300MB and there is no other way of sending it. Check out the FAQ for details.
Q: Am I allowed to use sounds from websites that provide free sounds?

A: You are but please be wary of sites that advertise “royalty free music or sounds” as there are end user agreements that often do not cover commercial use.
Q: What does it take to make a winning film?
 A great creative idea, and talent to bring it to life!
Q: Can the same Actors act in Different Brand Ad’s?

A: Yes. The only thing you can’t do is submit the same ad for different brands.
Q: Are we supposed to use both the Pepsi intro AND
outro bumpers, or just one or the other?
 You need both the intro and the outro and it needs to be 60 seconds including them both.
Q: When is the deadline to upload our films? Originally the brief stated that the date was January 15; however, in the MOFILM page it says it is January 22. So, when is it?

A: The deadline has been extended to 22nd Jan – make sure you like Pepsi Films on facebook as that has the latest information.
To download the Pepsi Films brief and to upload your video click here
Click here for more details on the Contest


  1. I'm using windows movie maker on windows vista and it says I need a codec to be able to have the pepsi into and outro in my video. Do you know where I can get the codec? Thanks

  2. Hi Eli,

    XVid or DivX are free and work well

    You can also get codec s from:

    Download a codec pack, eg

  3. Can I change the colors and/or put some noise effect in the Pepsi intro and
    outro bumpers without changing the soundtrack?

  4. Hi Daniel, we don't want to stiffle your creativity so go for it