Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lawrence and Hagan's Top 3 Films By Category

Hi from Lawrence and Hagan:

First off, congratulations to Jimmy Rov & Manuel Mira, Lloyd Choi and Kevin Harvey on taking first place in the PepsiFilms Barcelona Competition! Really excited to be seeing you all soon!

Now that the judging period has come to an end we thought it would be interesting to share our top three for each category in no particular order (keep in mind these are NOT the official 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place results, just our personal opinions):

Wake Up

We thought this film had amazing thought provoking narrative and it really moved us to re-watch the film over and over again. The film also had a cinematic and high budget feel to it.

We were really excited to see such a mesmerizing animated film in this competition because it was so different than all the other entries. We loved that the filmmakers took a risk and ran with it.

You are Young, Wake Up
A great story always generates a strong emotional response and that’s exactly what this film did. The story was both insightful and uplifting.

Hit Delete

Creative Control
Hilarious. We thought it was a great interpretation of the theme and it was fun to watch with a brilliant twist at the end.

Standard Deviation
Fluid dialogue and out of the box filmmaking. This had a strong nostalgic mood and a different interpretation of the brief, which we loved.

Clean Up
Though the ending was slightly predictable it still managed to entertain us with good acting and humorous situations. A good fun film.

Pop Fizz Aaah

For the Future
Great visual environment, very unexpected, funny, great characters, and utilizes Pepsi can in a non-commercial way, which we thought was really important.

Here’s a film that really just ran wild with their idea and the result was a film with an amazing montage, and visually stimulating. It was very experimental, but and that’s why we loved it.

Can't get enough pop
Lots of interesting camera angles and camera work, great sound design, and a fun playful mood to round it off.

That’s all from us, let us know what you think! What were your favorite films of PepsiFilms Barcelona? 

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Till then everyone!

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