Friday, June 3, 2011

Winner Focus: Joon Goh

Joon Goh   

London, UK  

What experience do you have in films and filmmaking and how long have you been making films for:
I'm a self taught filmmaker. I started about six years ago, when digital technology was making things possible for the average Joe. Now I freelance as an editor on feature and short form work.

What are your hopes for your future in film and are you working on any other projects at the moment:
To carve out a career directing promos and features.      

Why did you choose to enter for Pepsi in particular:
Easy: no branding required!

What do you think of Pepsi Films:
It's a great initiative and the prizes are very generous.

Are you going to enter any other Pepsi Films contests:

How did you come up with the idea for this particular spot:
Hanging out with my friends who are like that in real life!  

What do you think about Pepsi as a brand and how did you try to get this across in your film:
I wanted to make something sardonic and knowing - what does that say about Pepsi? I have no idea!

What kind of person were you targeting with your spot, what particular reaction were you aiming for and how did you go about getting it:
People who spend too much time looking at screens - i.e. everyone nowadays!

What equipment did you use:
Canon 550d

Did you face any challenges in the process of making the film:
Stopping my friends from laughing so much and ruining every other take. Amateurs.

What advice would you give a filmmaker thinking about entering a Pepsi Films competition:
Good ideas are more important than fancy special effects. 

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