Tuesday, June 21, 2011

LawHag's 3 Top 10 Films From Pepsi Films Shanghai

Hello all,

LawHag here, as you may or may not know, we grew up in China so this recent Pepsi Films Shanghai means a lot to us. We know it means a lot to you guys as filmmakers as well, so here is a top 10 list of our favorite entries for each theme from Shanghai. Keep in mind that this is our own personal opinion and judgement as Pepsi Films ambassadors and as your fellow filmmakers. This list was submitted but does not reflect the final selection of winners and is in no particular order:

Small Desires:

Small Desires Make Your Day Better (http://www.mofilm.com/p/89352b)
Robbery Gone Wrong (http://www.mofilm.com/p/94c0ca)
OurDream_h264FD.mov (http://www.mofilm.com/p/9822ed)
Small Desires - The Girl and the Apple.m4v (http://www.mofilm.com/p/b2b95e)

We Are Different:

Bigger Picture.mp4 (http://www.mofilm.com/p/56fe32)
Silence Isn't All That I am (http://www.mofilm.com/p/264562)
Music makes the world a better place.mov (http://www.mofilm.com/p/383bee)
Life with Mina and Joe (http://www.mofilm.com/p/83347d)
we are the same(HD1080P).mov (http://www.mofilm.com/p/df2977)

Forever Young:

Live Young Forever (http://www.mofilm.com/p/c8d8e5)
young filled with infinite longing.avi (http://www.mofilm.com/p/7897bf)
Memory Facial Tissue (http://www.mofilm.com/p/7713e7)
Things Are Looking Up (http://www.mofilm.com/p/4f5420)

Of course, everyone loves rankings, and we have a top 3 that we think should have won. Tell us your top 3 and we'll reveal ours!

Yours truly,


  1. LawHag, Here are my top 3 in each category in no particular order. (Top 4 in Youth Spirit since had to put mine in there) In addition, my overall pick is "Small Desires Make Your Day Better" by Connie Huang. It stuck to the theme, was very entertaining, and did a great job of putting the brand in without shoving it down your throats. Very subtle yet still obvious.

    Small Desires Theme:

    Small Desires Make Your Day Better
    by Connie Huang

    Small Desires - The Girl and the Apple
    by Karl Philip Lohmann

    Small Desires (Label)
    by John Ma

    We Are Different Theme:

    Silence Isn't All That I am
    by Jason Hastings

    Bigger Picture
    by Federico Gonzalez Cobreros

    Silence Isn't All That I am
    by Jason Hastings

    Youth Spirit Theme (Picked 4):

    It Ain't Easy
    By Brian Kelly

    El Gran DT
    by Leonardo Uhlenburg

    Things Are Looking Up
    by Christiano Covino

    Live Young Forever
    by Eddie Chen

  2. Love "THINGS ARE LOOKING UP" she's beautiful and tune is catchy