Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pepsi Winners in Wroclaw

We asked our three winners for Pepsi Films Poland to let us know how their trip is going, we've got updates from Shin, who created Smile and Dan Baskt, Martin "Hammy Sammy' Martin III and David Mellor, Something about Life for you to enjoy.

From Shin  Seung Hwan, Korea

The biggest screen in Europe!
I had an unforgettable day! 
We had little location problem for the interview because it was raining in the morning. Fortunately, the rain stopped soon and we were able to enjoy the bus trip around Wroclaw. There are many beautiful places and stories about church, park, bridge and dwarfs. We had lunch together, and I liked Poland bumblings. I did not know what is going to be happened at that moment. At night, I heard that I have to be in front of 1,500 people.. I started to worry about what the presenter is going to ask. However, I notified that I am not the one who is going to speak in front of people, but my translator friend is!! Consequently, I could enjoy the film festival in peace!

Enjoying drinks on the roof terrace
From Dan Baskt, USA

We met the other filmmakers and Mofilm team downstairs for breakfast and right after were ushered into a series of interviews with press about the festival, Pepsi, MOFILM and our short film.  We then went on a journey to find converters and kept getting sidetracked by how great the city is.  Wroclaw is truly one of the most beautiful places we've have the privilege to lay our eyes on.

We met back up with the group and took a city tour through historic and modern sights.  We all grabbed a delicious lunch and went over the plan for that night.  Back at the hotel,  we webcam-chatted with some of our friends back home in Florida and told them all about our trip thus far.

We went up to the roof of the hotel for some drinks and great conversations.  There we met a Pepsi representative who asked us some questions on our film.  He was super nice (like everyone else we've met) and right after our talk, the entire grouped grabbed the greatest dinner we've ever had with people from Pepsi and the New Horizons Film Festival.

The entire group strolled down to the market square and got ready for the screenings.  We turned the corner and saw the 1500+ people sitting in the crowd.  It didn't hit us until that moment, but our short film was about to be seen by all these people.  Safe to say, we were nervous.  Our short screened and the audience greeted it with laughs which took the butterflies from both our stomachs and we went up on the stage to accept our award.  Looking out into the crowd is something that we will never forget.  We can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

All the Poland winners, Pepsi & MOFILM teams
David Meller, Poland (translations below!)

26 July 2011
Mieszkałem we wrocławiu kilka lat więc miasto nie było dla mnie nowością ale z ekipą mofilm/pepsi zdecydowanie poznałem je z innej perspektywy a konkretnie z perspektywy dachów na których były przyjęcia:) miasto z wysokości wygląda pięknie:)

Przed przyjazdem miałem trochę obawy jak odnajdę się wśród tylu nowych ludzi ale szybko okazało się że wszyscy są mega pomocni i otwarci, świetne jest to jak inspirujących ludzi poznaje się w ramach mofilm.

6th July,

I used to live in Wroclaw for a few years, so the city itself wasn't new to me as I know it quite well. What was new, however, was seeing it from a Birds Eye View :-) more specifically from the many rooftops on which we partied together with the Pepsi team and other Mofilmers :-) The views are absolutely amazing.

I was a bit anxious before I arrived. I wasn't sure what it would be like to interact with so many new people. Soon, I realised there was no need to worry as everyone turned out to be extremely helpful and accommodating, I think it is great that MOFILM gives you an opportunity to meet so many inspiring people.

27 July 2011
Byłem na 2 filmach w ramach festiwalu nowe horyzonty, a poza tym dzień upłyną zaskakująco szybko, nawet się nie obejrzałem a już był wieczór, spotkania z ludźmi z pepsi, wykwintna kolacja no i trochę dla mnie stresujący moment czyli rozdanie nagród na wrocławskim rynku, wszystkie zwycięskie filmy były pokazane na ogromnym ekranie, niesamowite jest uczucie kiedy widzi się swój film w takim miejscu:)

27th July

Today, I have been to see a couple of movies at the New Horizons Festival. The day has gone surprisingly quickly. Meeting filmmakers and chatting to  the Pepsi film, Exquisite dinner, and the most exciting, but quite stressful, moment of being called to the stage and given the Mofilm award. All winning videos were shown on the massive screen in the middle of the Market Square in Wroclaw. It's amazing to see your own film being shown in such a special place :-)


  1. My friend's name is 'Shin Seung Hwan', not 'Shin Hwan Seung'. Please, correct it. :-)

  2. Corrected!

    We've also added in the English translation for David's piece