Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pepsi Film More Winner Interviews

The Make an Contest in Rome was a little unusual. The Pepsi Italy team picked their top three ads, Mist, Cantastic and Nice Bubbles and invited them all to Rome, where the overall winners, Matt Wade and Martin Drake with Nice Bubbles, was announced lived on stage.

We took the opportunity to interview everyone while they were in town about their inspiration and you can see both sets of filmmakers below.

There was one extra surprise for Lawrence Chen and his team. As part of the announcement of Pepsi Films, Thomas Moradpour, global marketing director for Pepsi, declared he would invite the winners of the Rome MOFILM grand prize to join the first Pepsi Films jury in Barcelona to decide which of the three first place filmmakers would then go on to work with Pepsi Spain with a $20,000 production budget.

Lawrence's public service announcement piece, Little Things, for TEEB, The Economis of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, took the grand prize and so will be travelling to Spain next year.

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