Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Winner Wednesdays

It's going to be a while before we can announce the first set of Pepsi Films winners in February 2011, and a little bit longer before we can crown the first overall winner who will go on to work with Pepsi Spain and a guaranteed $20,000 product budget. So while we wait, and you work on your entries, we're going to look at the winners of previous Pepsi and MOFILM competitions.

For the Barcelona MOFILM competition in 2010, we set five different themes - one dollar, one euro, one pound, here's to the crazy ones, if youth ran the world, paint your world and Tomorrow. The creators of the first place film in each category won a cash prize and were flown to Barcelona to find out who would win the overall prize.

The winner of the If Youth Ran the World category was filmmaker Matt Snyman and his musical partner Tom Godfrey, better known as Busker Rhymes on Twitter, with this upbeat, fantastical piece - No Vegetables

Following their win, they were invited to make an ad for Pepsi Spain and created a whole web series about their adventures in Spain trying to find the star of their commercial, which you can start watching below or on the Pepsi Espana YouTube channel

If fancy having crazy adventures in Spain, just like Matt and Tom, go download the Pepsi Film brief for Barcelona and you might feature in a Winner Wednesday post in 2011 as well as become a YouTube Star

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